Customer Trust: The Foundation of Business Growth

In today’s modern digital era the average consumer is experiencing far less human interaction than in previous generations. It can all be a tad impersonal. Whether its online shopping, self-service kiosks or apps that replace the need to actually deal with people face to face; the number of human touch points has diminished.

And whilst this may have its advantages when things are on track for a business, when things go wrong it can lead to a number of customer issues and a breakdown in that crucial element to retaining brand loyalty: customer trust.

For many businesses, the number of touch points with their customers has been reduced to the point of purchase (so often these days via digital engagement) and when things go wrong. And it’s here, when things go wrong, that businesses can lose the sacred trust of their customers.

Trust between a business and its customer is hard to earn yet very easy to lose if the issue is mishandled. And yet it can so easily be avoided.

Businesses can achieve up to a 30% reduction in complaints simply by effectively explaining to the customer their rights which in turn helps to set their expectations and avoid the onset of further frustration and anger. With so many public facing forums available via social channels, frustrated consumers can not only switch brand loyalty on the flip of a coin but can also tarnish brand reputations by venting online. All of which can be avoided with the right insights and tools.

This is where Resolver, as an independent and trusted organisation, aims to work with businesses to not only help dramatically improve their understanding of consumer complaint data but also by helping the consumer themselves better understand their rights, thus setting their expectations whilst providing an effective route through which to voice their frustration. A route that can help organisations better understand the root cause of issues within their business model and to avoid naming-and-shaming on public forums.

Resolver for Business is a unique service powered by over 2.5 million (and growing) consumer complaint cases. It can help a business increase customer retention by transforming a negative experience into a positive one. It can help grow customer Net Promotor Scores by upwards of 20% and dramatically reduce costly escalations to the ombudsman.

Resolver for Business uses the latest innovations in automation to quickly and efficiently identify the root cause of the issue and help bring about the most appropriate outcome for both the business and the consumer, helping to re-position the complaint into a positive experience – creating better outcomes for everyone.

For every £1 spent on complaint management, businesses can expect to recoup up to £30 in future revenue through the retention of customers. The trust earned through effectively managing customer complaints can lead to a significant decrease in costs and to drive revenue growth, referrals and positive brand image.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what a couple of our existing clients have to say about how Resolver for Business helped them:

Andy Eadle

“I’d recommend Resolver to any business that wants to build its customer trust and customer service.”

Andy EadleDirector of Customer Service, First Utility
Steven Cairns

“Our email complaints reduced by 43% … and we can do so much that we’ve never been able to do before. Now we are able to see everything.”

Steven CairnsComplaints Improvement & Policy Manager, Three Mobile

A wise man once said that only a fool would build a house on a foundation of sand, likewise any business with growth aspirations and a desire to be best in class needs to build the foundation of their business on customer satisfaction and consumer trust. As a business you won’t always be able to stop things going wrong, there’s too many variables, but you can help make sure you put things right!

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